Our Methods In Healing

We Create Beautiful Smiles

We offer a holistic approach to skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility and provide individual therapies for recovery. From Occupational, physical, and speech therapy to therapeutic diets and activities, our treatment solely focus on bringing out the wellness of individuals and their families. We help people lead longer, happier and better lives.

Skilled Nursing

24-hour Licensed Nursing Care

IV Antibiotic Therapy

Pain Management

Wound Care Therapy 7 days a week, including Wound MD weekly


Rehabilitation Services

Physical Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Speech Therapy

Other Services

Orthopedic Rehabilitation (Hip, Knee, and Spine)

Oxygen Therapy and management

Nutrition Therapy and Management (TPN, NG-Tube, and G-Tube)

Social Services

Tai Chi Rehabilitation

Our rehab team is also trained and experienced in Tai Chi Rehabilitation, a program to help recovery from conditions including stroke, heart disease, injury, surgical procedures, or tiredness and stress. Tai Chi for Rehabilitation will improve health and wellness after recovery.